We will first reach out to current contacts we have that may be a good fit for your business.

Secondly; we will market your business thru various platforms that will give your company wide exposure to potential buyers.

**When we market your business we never publicize the name. A Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) must be signed by every interested party before details about your business are disclosed.

The timetable can range from as short as 90 days to 18 months or so, depending on several factors. Cash transactions take less time than conventional finance deals which usually take less time than SBA finance deals.

We will look at the financials of the business, market trends, location, how the company is trending and we will give you our advice. Together, we will set the price. It is essential that we get the price in the right ballpark.

During the transition period after the sale, you should expect to stay on to help with a smooth transition. This can be 30-60 days to 2 years or longer. We will decide at the time of listing what your comfort level is.

This is a concern with many of our clients. We understand that some of your employees have been with you for years and you want them treated well. We advise potential buyers that this is a concern and unless the business is broken, we strongly advise they come into the company and build relationships with the current employees before making changes. While a new owner wants to put their stamp on the business most understand the value that long time, reliable employees bring.

There are many scenarios of selling your business that we will explain to you. You may wish to retain some equity of the company. In this case you sell part of the business and stay on to help run the business. Then as the company continues to grow you still own part of it and at some future time you could sell your remaining equity or the company could be sold entirely and you would profit in either scenario. We call this taking another "bite of the apple". If the company is sold entirely you may be offered an opportunity to stay on as a paid employee for a period of time.

As mentioned, there are several scenarios to consider in selling your business and we will cover those with you.

There are SO many M&A Firms to choose from. It completely depends on what your goals are.

If you want to be ‘dazzled’ with companies that list 150 or more businesses a year, we’re not the right Firm for you.

Our Firm has a very ‘hands on’ approach. We are selective about how many listings we take on because we want to be engaged daily in the sale of your company. You will not be handed off to an associate and then be considered ‘one of our many listings’ so to speak.

We stay engaged with every client. We really care about the sale of your business and we will be available and accessible to you at all times. We build relationships with our clients. We genuinely appreciate how important this is to you and your family.

Our fee structure will be explained in detail before you list with us.  We work on a performance based percentage of the sale price that we negotiate for your business.

It’s simple. Contact us and we will set a Discovery Meeting so you can learn more about us and we can learn about you and your business.

You can contact us at: